Why choose RPA Financial?

RPA Financial is Retirement Planning & Advising. RPA not only says what Bobby does, but it also tells you who he is. Bobby says, “My initials are RPA, Robert Paul Aborn. I am named after my father who was the most inspirational man in my life. My father modeled for me the way to serve and care for people. It is only fitting that my namesake is woven into the very work I do as a financial advisor.”

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is overwhelming. It's one of the most important topics of our lives, yet very few of us understand how to do it. Would you like to have an actual date on the calendar for your retirement?

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Investment Management

Investing is more than how much. It's also about where. Investments serve many purposes, but they primarily exist to help you achieve a goal. For many, that goal is retirement. Let us review your investment portfolio.

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Estate Planning and Insurance

Every family should have an estate plan, regardless of their wealth status. At RPA Financial, we take this phase of the planning process very seriously and incorporate it into every client’s strategy.

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Debt-Reduction Strategies

Do you have a solid debt-reduction plan? We can put together a manageable debt-relief strategy that releases you from the unending stress of owing money. Let's work together to close the revolving door.

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